About hilky

How it all started...
Everything stood still during Corona. Exactly at this point in time we thought about what we could do to reduce our personal ecological footprint. They tried all milk alternatives and came to the conclusion that they didn't really like any of them. That was the moment when they decided to develop a drink together, where the difference to a conventional milk drink is hardly noticeable. hilky was born!
Our mission
– real taste with fewer emissions –
Plant-based is more than just a trend. The market for plant-based products is developing extremely quickly. With us you get your plant-based drink with a real taste! – all natural!

Nothing is more important to us than developing plant-based products for you that also taste great!

We believe that natural ingredients are best for us. That's why we at hilky only use natural ingredients to offer you a perfect taste and enjoyment experience.

We don't stop for your enjoyment experience and are constantly developing our products and product range. Our goal is that you can replace your favorite milk drinks with hilky. It's easy, isn't it?