“Plastic pollution is solved on land, not in the sea.”

It is important to us to give something back to the environment. Back in 2011, our co-founder Philippe traveled to the region around Manado on Sulawesi in Indonesia and was able to experience plastic pollution first hand. The partnership with Clean Hub allows us to make a small contribution to combating plastic pollution locally at this exact location, where incredible maritime biodiversity can be observed.

Clean Hub and its partners have set themselves the goal of halving the amount of plastic waste entering the ocean by 2030. We do our part by collecting plastic locally and helping to build a sustainable waste management system that meets local needs.

hilky is made from 100% old bottles

File:PET Recycling Switzerland logo.svg - Wikipedia

A recycling process 100 percent made in Switzerland. The bottle-to-bottle cycle is 2.4 times more environmentally friendly than conventional recycling.

Advantages of R-PET:
  • Lower energy consumption and fewer CO₂ emissions
  • Positive overall ecological balance: up to 75 percent more environmentally friendly than new PET
  • Does not require new resources such as petroleum

For our hilky's we have been using 100% recycled R-PET right from the start. But this is not enough for us: "We need to build waste management systems where they don't already exist to stop plastic waste before it is burned or ends up in the sea."