It was important to us from the start to only use high-quality, natural and carefully selected ingredients

Good question. We use 100% RE-PET bottles for our hilkys. R-PET bottles have several advantages over conventional PET bottles. First of all, they are more environmentally friendly as they are made from recycled PET. As a result, less new plastic is used and CO2 emissions are reduced. Another benefit is that R-PET bottles are lighter than traditional bottles, resulting in lower transportation costs. They are also more cost-effective as less energy and raw materials are required to manufacture them.

Our hilkys are mixed and bottled in Switzerland.

The oats come from the EU.

Who knows... Tell us which flavor you miss or which one you would like. We continue to work on new variants and we will do everything we can to present you with the best and tastiest dairy-free hilky products.

We only use natural ingredients in our products. In addition, our drinks are based on oats, which is a true superfood. We therefore believe that with hilky we have created a high-quality milk substitute that tastes good and is healthy.

Refer to the date stamped on the bottle.

We believe that you shouldn't compromise on taste when it comes to choosing a product that's better for you and better for the environment. That's why we've created four delicious on-the-go flavors of great, ready-to-drink oat milk. Because it's made with oats instead of milk, you have all the added benefits of a lactose-free drink. That means you don't have a stomach ache. Overall we think this is a great product that's miles better for you than any regular dairy based drink. In addition, the production of oat milk is significantly more environmentally friendly than that of regular cow's milk, which means that our product is better for everyone in every way.

- Good taste
- No compromise
- Better for you than regular drinks
- Super practical
- Better for you
- Better for the environment
- Healthier

Not yet, but we're working on it!

There is! We have already developed them and in the development process we used them as a basis for the hilky's, which you can already enjoy today. We hope that we will soon be able to launch the "Nature" variant and other delicious hilky products on the market.

Unser Hafermilchgetränk ist eine köstliche und nahrhafte Alternative zu Milchprodukten und besteht aus 100 % natürlichen Zutaten.

Er ist frei von Milchprodukten, Soja und Zusatzstoffen und damit auch für Menschen mit Ernährungseinschränkungen geeignet.

Hafer ist reich an Vitaminen, Mineralien und Antioxidantien und liefert wichtige Nährstoffe für einen gesunden Lebensstil.

Unsere verschiedenen Geschmacksrichtungen, darunter Banane, Schokolade und Kaffee, machen das Getränk zu einer vielseitigen Option, die Du deinen Lieblingsrezepten hinzufügen kannst oder als eigenständiges Getränk geniesst.